NOTE: the Deadline to register is: APRIL 5th

[You can register after the deadline, or on the morning of the race, but you won't be guaranteed a shirt or other fun goodies as supplies are limited. It also helps us out a ton for planning purposes.]

Step 1: fill out registration form

Step 2: go to donation page. ($30 is an average entry fee for a 5k)

Step 3: Show up on race day early to get your packet!

"The Suggested Donation is not a plea for money.  It is a psychological and practical solution to the capitalist model of exchange.  When donating, you are actively resisting a tired old money system and supporting the evolution of a more equitable means of assigning value...  In this case, you get to decide the value of the good or service you are about to consume or experience. This opportunity is transformative for you... as much as it is laden with responsibility. The suggested donation is more than a way of allowing the ‘cost’ of a good or service to be determined by the consumer... The Suggested Donation is not a guilt trip"
(Thanks for this explanation)

If you are having trouble registering, you can call us on the phone (616) 920-1666