Who are we?
The Mayday 5K is a loose collection of naysayers and Ne'er-do-wells and rascals that put on a 5k every year. 2014 is the inaugural year. The plan is to highlight and help out a different "cause" each time... especially rad ones. We're doing this on May day to celebrate the International Workers Day and to remember the Haymarket Massacre. There is a long and beautiful history behind May Day that we hope to honor and participate in.

We are 100% volunteer powered and mostly amateur. We take pride in our DIY and DIT (Doing It Together) ethos and backgrounds.

I'm not really in shape / I. Don't. Run. / Who is this for?
This is an event open to those of all ages, sizes and abilities. If you're an ultra-marathoner or you've never run a race in your life, this is for you. this is open to anyone (who isn't a jerk) to have some good clean (albeit sweaty) fun.

What do I get for doing this?
You get to say you did a 5k, you get a sweeeet t-shirt and...your little sister will think you're cooler than you are.

Who are the MI CATS?
see: http://mayday5kgr.blogspot.com/p/micats.html
Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands. a group in Michigan that is fighting to protect our state's land, air and water from the evil corporations who want to poop on your head. Seriously they're awesome! (the CATS, not the corporations)

Where is the Course?
Riverside Park, alongside the Grand River. There is free parking, bathrooms, picnic tables, playgrounds, etc. it's a great huge park. Unless it's underwater, in which case there will be an alternate location at higher altitudes.

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of skateboards, nor their legality on park pathways. nor can the organizers of this event confirm nor deny whether or not skateboarding leads to harder crimes...

We are making our best efforts to ensure that wheelchairs, strollers and any other wheeled vessels will be able to safely traverse the 5k course.

You are spending like a THOUSAND dollars to get hi-tech timing devices so I can know my precise race time, right?! I mean, I take running very very seriously mister!
no. There will be a clock at the finish line, look at it as you cross the finish line and you will know your time.

Do I have a reasonable expectation that no one will take my photograph?
No, this will be taking place in public and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Event organizers are working on getting a photographer at the finish line so you can have pix of your sweaty hot mess finishing to prove to your mother that you're doing something with your life.

So you're getting rich off this aren't you?
100% proceeds go to the MI CATS.

I have too much money, can I give you some?
yes: https://fundly.com/mayday-5k-gr

Are there any rules for the run?
Basically just don't snot-rocket your fellow participants and that would be just amazing. seriously don't do this.